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About the Artist


Vincent Tamplain Artist Bio

Vincent Tamplain grew up outside of New Orleans with a wealth of culture and wildlife to explore. During his childhood, he juggled athletics, academics, and the arts, founding Little Leaf Pottery and traveling to about 10 fine art shows annually while still in high school. A self-taught potter at the time, he did not know that his hobby would turn into a career and a lifestyle.

Establishing a professional pottery practice gave Tamplain motivation to keep making and insight to grow Little Leaf. After taking ceramics courses at the University of Denver, he decided to pursue formal art education. He transferred to Nicholls State University to get back in touch with what he knew, which allowed him to set his sights a little wider. His next venture was a seven-show tour that circled the eastern United States, finishing in a standalone show, Little Leaf Pottery Party in New Orleans, Louisiana. On the tour, he drove through the small village of Alfred and knew that was where he needed to be.

Currently, Tamplain is a student in the BFA program at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He is studying ceramics in depth, focusing on sculptural work while still making pots in his spare time and maintaining a presence for Little Leaf Pottery. He is also learning glass as a craft, and his work is beginning to incorporate both mediums into larger works of reliquary. This summer, Tamplain plans to make work at various parks, using his technical ceramic expertise and camper van to create a mobile ceramics studio. His goal is to take the exhibition and sales ventures of Little Leaf Pottery on the road, and to travel with the pottery-making operation itself.


Upcoming Events:

Currently Studying at Alfred University

Previous Exhibitions:

Alfred Art Walk – Intern Takeover, Alfred, New York August 2019
Little Leaf Pottery Pottery and Tea Ceremony, New Orleans, LA August 2018
Bi-weekly Member of Art in the Bend, Jefferson, LA 2018
17th Annual Berkshires Arts Festival, Great Barrington, MA July 2018
28th Annual Manayunk Arts Festival, Philadelphia, PA June 2018
Allentown Arts Festival, Buffalo, NY June 2018
LUNA FETE Light Show and Art Show, New Orleans, LA December 2017
White Lenin Art Show, New Orleans, LA August 2017
Annual Art in the Pass, Pass Christian, MS April 2016-2018
Monthly Member of the Arts Market of New Orleans 2014-present


Runner- up, Best in Show at Art in the Pass, Pass Christian, MS 2018